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Green Minerals will introduce eco-friendly waste battery recovery and regeneration technology at CES 2024...  “Find a balance between carbon neutrality and efficiency with chlorella!”
Provided by – Green Mineral

Green Mineral Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong Gwang-hwan) announced that it will participate in CES 2024, the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition, to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January next year.

Green Minerals is a company with its own technology to extract metal ions such as lithium and nickel and secondary battery materials from waste batteries using microalgae. This is a process that utilizes the biomineralization characteristics of chlorella, and the carbonate emitted by chlorella with modified genes is solidified and precipitated while containing lithium carbonate and nickel carbonate.

Unlike existing processes, it is carbon neutral in that it does not require the use of chemical solvents, and the overall efficiency of the waste battery material recycling process is also excellent due to Chlorella’s low maintenance cost. In addition, the company explains that lithium and nickel can be obtained with stable yield even at low concentrations.

Green Minerals is currently conducting scale-up testing ahead of prototype production starting in March 2024, and plans to showcase related technologies at CES 2024. Through this, we plan to establish a bridgehead for entering the global market and closely identify market possibilities and strategies in the field of recycled lithium and nickel.

Chlorella releasing carbonate |  Provided by - Green Mineral
Chlorella releasing carbonate | Provided by – Green Mineral

A Green Mineral official said, “As the demand for electric vehicles is increasing explosively around the world, technological challenges are being pursued in various fields to efficiently manufacture the batteries used in them or to lower the unit cost of the materials.” “We succeeded in implementing a carbon-neutral and efficient waste battery recovery and recycling system.”

He continued, “Unlike the existing system, which had limitations in commercialization due to the high risk of environmental pollution and poor economic feasibility, this is a technology that meets the standards of the next-generation industry, where demands for sustainability are becoming more complex.” He added, “We will continue to maximize the biomineralization performance of chlorella.” “We will continue to invest the company’s capabilities in research and development to achieve this,” he added.

Meanwhile, ‘CES’, the world’s largest IT exhibition hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is an exhibition where you can see the flow of innovative technologies around the world at a glance and is held every January in Las Vegas, USA. AVING News, which has covered CES for 18 consecutive years, has reported CES news around the world every year since 2006, and has been selected through ‘BEST OF CES’ and ‘BEST OF MADE IN KOREA’, which select the best innovative products, companies and technologies. has been in progress. In addition, CES on-site issues are vividly conveyed through ‘AVING LIVE’.

The CES 2024 Seoul Unified Hall will be operated at the largest scale in terms of exhibition area, number of participating companies, and number of participating supporters since Seoul City’s first participation in CES in 2020. The Seoul Integration Center, in which 13 organizations collaborate and participate, is an important step in Seoul’s efforts to make Seoul a mecca for startups, and 17 of the companies participating in the Seoul Integration Center proved this by receiving innovation awards. The participating institutions in the Seoul Unification Center are ▲SBA ▲Seoul Bio Hub ▲Campus Town ▲AI Yangjae Hub ▲Gwanak-gu ▲Yonsei University ▲Korea University ▲Chung-Ang University ▲Sogang University ▲Kookmin University ▲Hanyang University ▲Konkuk University ▲Kyunghee University. Not only the Seoul Metropolitan Government, institutions, and companies, but also supporters through industry-academia cooperation are matched 1:1 with companies, and 85 supporters, the largest number, will participate.

* Special reporters: Joseph Choe, Kidai Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Seung Hyun Nam, Sunghwan Kim, Taeuck Lim, Min Choi

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