GMCM-L1 (Green Mineral Chlorella Miner for Lithium v1)

- The core technology of Green Mineral: Genetic Engineered Chlorella for lithium retrieval.

- Currently, the retrieval/recycling efficiency of GMCM-L1 is about 70%

Natural Chlorella

Chlorella can precipitate

GMCM-L1: Stock

We enhanced the efficiency
of biomineralization using
genetic engineering

GMCM-L1: Working

At the recycling plant, the
stock line will be amplified
for several times.

GMCM-L1: Silenced

After about 1 year, the
transgene will be deactivated. Must be supplied with fresh

Pipelines : Our continuous research focuses on
GMCM-L2: Improved version of GMCM-L1
GMCM-C1: Chlorella miner for extracting cobalt and nickel
GMCC-L1: Chlorella collector for lithium in lithium brine